Video Hosting

Choosing the right video hosting platform for your business model and specific needs can be a very slippery slope. Whether you are selling your own products and services or selling products as an affiliate marketer, a reliable and professional hosting platform is essential to the success of your business. Far too many video hosting platforms are very expensive and they all seem to add unexpected charges to your membership costs. Then there are the free platforms such as YouTube, which are so saturated with business advertisements and videos that interference to your advertising campaigns becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, these same platforms can take your videos down at any time they want, which ultimately results in missed opportunities to connect with potential customers and clients. This fact alone is the primary reason most people choose to pay for video hosting that assures all of their videos will be 100% ad free and guaranteed to remain active and online.


Now let me introduce you to Viduber, a fresh and revolutionary video hosting, streaming and sharing platform that truly sets the bar for every video hosting platform in this rapidly growing industry. Viduber is poised and ready to dominate the marketplace with 100% ad free hosting services and an unparalleled two-tiered commission plan that features a 35% direct commissioned payment on all referrals along with a 25% matching bonus whenever your referrals are responsible for a new membership. The combined commissioned payments from these two tiers adds up to a whopping 60% payout that dwarfs any commission payments available from the other video hosting platforms in the industry. Viduber enables their users to live stream across multiple social media platforms, which makes it refreshingly easy to record, share and host any video that you wish to make public. There is never a need to worry about your videos being taken down, subsequently causing your advertising campaigns to come to a screeching halt.

It just keeps getting better with Viduber and all of the advantages, benefits and services that they proudly provide to their members. This revolutionary video hosting platform is the brainchild of a successful online business company that has been active in the industry for over twenty years and members of Viduber can relax and take comfort in knowing that they are in very good hands. Viduber guarantees blazing fast video streaming for everyone within their distribution network and if you are not satisfied with their premier services, they will refund your money with no questions asked. Additionally, every member of Viduber will be using a video player that is both multi-purpose and responsive, so you can upload and record videos, record audio, add your logos and watermarks, track viewer stats and there is absolutely no limitations on bandwidth, file size or duration. Viduber’s pricing is unbeatable and their membership fees are by far the best in the marketplace. They also offer the option to make a one-time purchase of a lifetime membership, which will save you thousands of dollars in the long run while you enjoy all of your premium hosting and streaming services. The monthly payments are only $24.97 a month along with the ability to make a 60% commissioned payment on each and every referral, which is simply amazing considering that the video hosting and streaming industry has experienced a 1200% margin of growth every year over the last five years.


In conclusion, this is a red hot opportunity to get on board with an amazing video hosting and streaming company that is about to take the industry by storm. Viduber’s affordable membership costs are so much lower than all of the other expensive video hosting companies in the industry. These companies, which include Wistia and Vimeo, also offer very weak commissioned payments and both of the aforementioned companies only pay out a measly 3% commission to their members for referrals. The primary reason why Viduber is able to offer their members such low prices on their products and services while also paying out much higher commissions is that they own a state of the art data center and they are in complete control of the video platform’s infrastructure. This is simply awesome and it effectively cuts out the middleman that is often present in their competitor’s business operations. Viduber values their affiliates just as much as their customers and they are the only video hosting company that offers so many features and benefits while remaining completely ad free. The global need for premium video hosting and streaming services has increased exponentially over the past five years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down any time soon. Seriously, there is no need to hesitate. Viduber is going to have an enormous presence in the future growth of video hosting, marketing and entertainment and best of all, you can act now and become a member for the lowest prices in the entire industry. See you soon!

Strategic marketing plays a vital role in a company’s success and it is derived from tactical planning that primarily focuses on identifying a multitude of variables that will lead to new market opportunities. Your company’s specific goals, strategies, tactics and primary objectives will be expertly entwined within your particular marketing campaign to ensure that the end result is highly professional, proficient and exactly what you envisioned for your company’s continued success.

Video Sales Letters

There are very few advertising methods that will generate more profits than a professionally designed video sales letter. An essential component of an effective VSL is excellent copywriting that specifically caters to your core audience. This will ultimately capture the consumer’s interest and persuade them to take action. Also, the video sales letter must focus on a predominant idea or it simply won’t succeed.  Consumer decisions are almost always made within the first thirty seconds of a presentation so it is very important to be concise and focus on the most important aspects of your company while pitching your proposal to your potential customers to maximize a VSL’s effectiveness.